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Alan Ashworth Muñoz specialises in dark, surreal art, most of which channels his obsession with history and theatre.


Born in Santiago, Chile, he emigrated to England, and this twin cultural heritage is expressed in his work, which fuses dreams, imagination, and the English past refracted through a Latin American aesthetic, thereby transforming that past into something strange and fantastical.


As well as producing an extensive array of large-format gouache paintings, he's also decorated his own body with his self-designed, medieval-inspired tattoos, and these in turn have led to numerous tattoo-design commissions; created album covers for Radio 2-featured folk singer Jon Fazal; illustrated a special edition of the speculative fiction novel The 8th Emotion; and painted a strip for the underground magazine Peasants with Pens, where his work appeared alongside pieces by comic-book legend Alan Moore.  


A variety of his artwork is now available at popular London-based art shop Slanchogled as a card collection.


He is open to commissions. If interested, please contact him at:

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